School Council

Our School Council is an elected group of children who represent their class. In the autumn term, children consider if they would like to be part of the school council. They consider qualities that make a good school councillor, such as respect, confidence, and being approachable. There is an election day where each class (from year 1/2 upwards) go into the hall to vote for a school councillor. Two school councillors are elected for each class.

The school councillors then decide what role they would like to take. The roles of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary are taken by Y5 and Y6 councillors. Councillors can also join the communication team or the marketing team.

The School Council meets weekly, with the support of Mrs Wright and Mrs Marriott. So far this year, the School Council has organised a very popular Christmas competition. It has also introduced a Listening Box to school. The School Council discusses the ideas and views of the children in their classes. They then take steps to make some of these ideas happen. Watch out for more exciting activities that the School Council will be doing!

Here is what this year’s school councillors have to say about School Council:

“As a school councillor, I love to share and listen to people’s ideas, organising competitions and making our school a better place.”
“I like school council because you can make competitions.”

“I like school council because you can do drawing, competitions and you get your own school council book.”

“I enjoy doing my job and I like to help people. I like making competitions. I like being resilient and using teamwork.”

“I enjoy doing my job and I like to help people. I like making competitions, especially the Christmas competition. I like being resilient and curious.”

“I like school council because we get to choose who wins on competitions and teamwork.”

“I like school council because I like to share the ideas that the people in my class have written in the school council book! We organise competitions like the Christmas one!”

“School council is about choosing ideas to make a better place. We use lots of teamwork to choose winners for competitions. We make competitions for anybody to enter.”

“School council is something where you are not alone and will always be together. It is also really fun because you get to share ideas to everyone. If you feel really sad we can always respect you and help you on whatever.”

“I like helping my friends in school council. We like using curiosity because we like to be kind and helpful.”

“I like to speak up in assembly and tell people about the competition. We all have a school council book and we write in our school council book for ideas.”


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