Take Five

Orchard's Take Five Champions: Mrs Wright and Mrs Johns

Take Five is programme which builds resilience, self-mastery and the ability to cope with a variety of situations. It is supportive of improved mental wellbeing. Take Five involves a range of short breathing practices based on breathing, grounding and awareness. The practices are used daily to help each other calm down, be aware of our surroundings and be ready to learn and engage.

Orchard Primary will start the programme after staff training during Spring Term 2020. Once staff become confident at delivering the breathing practices, the school will move into the next phase. Children will undertake training to become Take Five Ambassadors, capable of leading practices within the school.

After this, some of our ambassadors will be involved in the ‘train the trainer’ phase. This will involve some of the ambassadors training a further small group of children with the support of our outside trainer and the school Take Five Champions.

This programme will eventually become totally child led and sustaining. It is an exciting and powerful tool.

For more information about Take Five in schools follow the link below:

Each Amazing Breath

You also look at the pdf below.

Take Five

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