Year 3 and 4

Spring term 2020 Year 3 and 4

Our main focus for this term is Geography. This enquiry-based topic is called ‘Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry?’ and it is part of a new Geography curriculum we are introducing at Orchard. It focuses on discovery-based learning, research, fact finding, fieldwork and asking and answering many, many questions. The main focus will be on weather patterns and comparing one region of the world with another, looking closely at and comparing  animals and vegetation in those particular regions.

Other aspects of this topic include Science - ‘Living Things and their Habitats’.  We will be looking at the characteristics of living things and group them in different ways using diagrams; Art – collage and sketching, French – greetings, names and places; PSHE - Me and My Relationships; RE – Judaism.

The children will continue to work with Mr Bannerhan and explore a range of instruments. They will also be involved in the Year 3/4 production of The Pied Piper.  And in P.E. continues with Mr Davies focusing on Dance, Gym and Games.

Y3/4 Autumn 2019

Our main topic is the Stone Age. We will be looking at the lifestyles of the first people in Britain and how they changed as the Stone Age era progressed in time. This topic will involve painting and drawing based on cave paintings. For Geography we will identify the Northern and Southern hemispheres, the equator and the poles. We will also learn about the lines of latitude and longitude and the Stone Age village of Skara.

Science focus on Rocks and Soils.  We will be examining and comparing different rocks from the sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic groups and investigating their properties before learning what fossils are and how they are formed. We will learn what soil is made up of and investigate soil permeability. To link with our Stone Age topic we will also investigate the diet of people living at that time and their teeth.

In RE we will study the parables Jesus told and the meaning behind them.

ICT – All children will learn about internet safety, including Cyberbullying and what information is safe to share online. We will discuss how to use search engines safely and then use them to research the Stone Age.

Music – All children in Year 3 and 4 will be learning to play a variety of instruments in whole class lessons throughout the year. We will be starting with the Dood. 

P.E. – This continues through the term covering Dance, Gym, Games and Swimming. There are also weekly swimming lessons.


Curriculum Statement Y3/4 summer 2019

The children will be studying Europe by learning about the countries that make up the continent, their capital cities, rivers and mountains but focussing on France and another country in more detail. Our work will also involve map work and looking at Art and Architecture from each country.

In science, the children will be learning about classification of animals and learning about various habitats and the invertebrates that live there. They also be learning and creating food chains within specific habitats. They will be complementing their studies with a trip to Portland Park. The children will also be studying how sound is transmitted and how the volume and pitch can be changed.

 They will continue to learn to play instruments in class and also in their individual lessons.

Newsletter Summer 2019 3 and 4 







Year 3 and 4 Spring Term

The children are learning about volcanoes. They will be investigating their structures and where they are found in the world. To complement this, they are also studying countries where volcanoes exist, which this year is Japan. They will be learning about the geography of Japan and using it as a focus in their artwork. In Science, the children will be studying forces, including magnets and they will also be looking at solids and liquids and their properties. Both scientific subjects will include many investigative activities. They will also learn about the Easter Story and its traditions and symbolism. Music will continue to be taught by learning some basic skills on various musical instruments.





Autumn 2018 Year 3 and Year 4

This term, we will be learning about Ancient Egypt and how people lived in those times. This will include looking at how the River Nile enabled this civilisation to thrive and learning about the people’s religious beliefs. To complement our studies, we will be having an Egyptian Day where everyone will dress up as an Egyptian and learn about mummification and hieroglyphics. We will also be looking at how erosion has affected our environment in Geography. In Science, we will be learning about our diets, the skeleton and electricity. All the children in Year 3 and 4 will be given the opportunity to learn new instruments this year and this will take place on Tuesday morning with Mr Bannahan, our music specialist. Added to our usual PE lessons with Mr Davies, we will also be having Squash coaching on Thursday mornings.


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