Year 5 and 6

Spring Overview 2020

Our topic this term is titled ‘What is a River?’ They will learn how rivers are formed, how they are used, and how they have impacted humans and animals. We will be linking our river topic with R.E. as children develop their knowledge and understanding of Hinduism – with a focus on the Ganges River and its significance to the Hindu faith.

We will be focussing on a significant artist this term – Claude Monet – focussing on watercolour. We will also be creating a communal project where the children will need lots of curiosity and teamwork.

In DT, children will be meeting a design brief, planning, making and evaluating bridges. Children will be using a range of materials including wood, as well as developing their tool-handling skills.

Our Science topics this term are Habitats and Living Things, and Evolution. Children will be exploring the classification system, and various habitats including riverbanks. Children will develop an understanding of evolution and inheritance as we explore how animals have adapted and changed to suit their habitat

Children will use GarageBand on the iPads to explore many different sounds of various instruments. W

As part of the PE curriculum, children will learn basic Irish dancing techniques as we learn all about Michael Flatley’s Riverdance.

Autumn overview 2019

In Geography, we will be exploring northern European countries as we familiarise ourselves with the Vikings – where they came from and where they travelled to.  Children will be finding out about the Viking way of life with a clear focus on how and why they settled in England as part of out History lessons. Additionally, children will be learning about Viking beliefs, gods and their powers in R.E. We will be studying Viking patterns as part of out Art work this term, and will be making a Viking shield. In DT, children will be meeting a design brief, planning, making and evaluating a Viking longboat using a range of materials including wood, and developing their tool-handling skills.

Our Science topic this term is ‘May the Force be with you!’ Children will be studying all aspects of forces including gravity, friction, air resistance and water resistance. They will complete different investigations and experiments, whilst learning to work scientifically.

Children will be learning to play the drums this term, with a focus on rhythm.

This term children will be singing and playing music in preparation for the Christmas concert.





Creative Curriculum Summer Term 2019

In the Summer Term, we will be studying the following topics.


In History and Geography, Year 5 children will be studying our local area. This will also include a study of The Pinxton Railway as it celebrates its centenary.


In RE both Year groups will be studying places of worship and this will include using their DT skills to build a Mosque from cardboard.


In Science, our topic is, “Living Things and their Habitats, Evolution & Inheritance”. In addition, the children will be revisiting a number of science topics through practical work and investigation to develop practical and investigative skills and revise some key topics from the Science Curriculum.


In Art, Year 5 and 6 will be using water colours for landscape paintings and sketching to study perspective. Artists studied will involve Grimm and Lowry amongst others.


In ICT, we will continue working with Lego to develop programming skills as well as using a range of programs and skills in all subjects.


Year 6 will be working hard on their production – “Porridge” and will be ptting all their acting, singing, dancing and performing skills to the test.


Year 5 & 6 Newsletter Summer 2019

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