Vision Statement & Values


Every day at school we work together to ensure that each person:

  • Feels valued and respected as an individual member of the learning community and is treated accordingly.
  • Believes they can aspire to do great things.
  • Is challenged to reach their potential and develop individual strengths.
  • Feels confident to ‘have a go’ with their learning, knowing that support is there if things go wrong.
  • Understands how to live and work in a learning community alongside others well prepared for the future.

    As a result of learning in our school we know you are:

    Happy and that you laugh and smile a lot

  • Excited about learning
  • Thoughtful about what you do and say
  • Confident and able to express your opinions
  • Caring and take the time to consider others
  • Tolerant of all others in the community
  • Proud of yourself, appreciating the qualities you have that make you special
  • Aware of things that you find difficult and how to get help with problems


Orchard Primary and Nursery School
Chapel Street, Kirkby in Ashfield
Nottingham NG17 8JY

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