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Design and Technology

At Orchard we develop an understanding of the world, and a curiosity of how things work through Design and Technology. Independence, team work and creativity is developed through taking part in investigations, design work and the making of final projects. Children learn to unlock their resilience key by seeing a project through, from design to evaluation of the finished product, dealing with challenges along the way. We also learn the importance of respect when listening to peers views and ideas, and evaluating their work.

All DT work is integrated into topic work to give a purpose to the tasks. Children are given the opportunity to use a range of tools and equipment in a safe environment. Cooking and nutrition is also taught within DT. Children learn about the principles of a healthy and varied diet, where food comes from, and how to prepare food using a range of techniques.

The children follow a progressive curriculum which challenges them to use previously learnt skills, as well as learning new ones. These skills can be transferred to many areas of the curriculum, and their lives outside of school.