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Mr M Cordin - Co-opted Governor (Chair)


I am a parent governor and father of three, my eldest two have now moved on to secondary school but my daughter still attends. I am an IT contract project manager currently working for one of the leading global IT suppliers.  since being elected as a governor in 2012 I have witnessed pupil progress through Orchard school becoming one of the best not only in the county but in the country.  It is always a pleasure to attend school during visits to see the progress of our children first hand.  During my remaining time as a governor I hope I can use any of my personal and professional skills to further challenge the school to be the best place for our children. I currently sit on both Strategic development and Finance committees. I am also a Head Teacher Appraisal governor.  I was appointed chair in October 2016.


Term ends: 19/10/2024


Ms K Frith - Co-opted Governor (Vice Chair)


I am mum to two boys one that has moved on to Ashfield and my other one  still attends.  I started as a parent governor in February 2015, as I'm keen to be involved in my sons' education and feel that I have useful skills and knowledge to support the school in its drive for excellence in all aspects of education for all pupils.  I work as a Student Support Officer at Nottingham Trent University and I am involved in supporting students from 'non traditional' university student backgrounds e.g mature students and students who have spent time in care. As a governor I hope to be able to provide an authentic parent voice and ask questions and challenge, where necessary, to ensure that the school continues to provide the best possible educational experience and outcomes for all children. I strongly believe that raising aspirations of all children is key to building confidence and supporting achievement and I am particularly interested in this area of work.  I love visiting the school and meeting the children. I sit on both the Strategic development and Pupil and Personnel committees.


Term ends: 1/11/2022


Mrs J Chambers - Headteacher


I am both honoured and privileged to now serve the children of Orchard as their headteacher and I am looking forward to continuing working with all stakeholders to ensure that:


  • the ethos of Orchard, with children at it's heart, continues to thrive and move forward.
  • all children achieve their academic potential as well as being offered opportunities to unlock and develop a range of talents
  • personal development is a priority across school to ensure children have the skills to move on and become active, positive and successful citizens
  • children work in a stimulating, safe, caring and supportive learning environment


Working with children, staff, parents and governors, I can ensure that the school offers the very best for all children


Every child can do amazing things and it will be my goal that they do.



Mrs P Underwood - Co-opted Governor


I am the school business manager and have been so since January 2007. I previously worked for Barclays Bank for 17 years so feel highly confident with all financial and administration matters of the school. I am very proud of the improvements around school that I have been part of during my time here. I hope that I can continue to help and support the children, staff and governors to ensure that Orchard continues to provide the best possible experience and facilities for all. I sit on all the sub committees. I was an associate governor from October 2015 and became a co-opted governor in October 2018.


Term ends: 23/10/2022



Mr Paul Campsall - Co-opted Governor


I was a parent governor and father of two boys when I became a co-opted governor in October 2018. I am an Operational and Supplier Manager, managing a number of cash machines ensuring these are operational and meet all compliance requirements. During my time as a governor, I am looking to ensure that the school continues to meet the high standards in achievement, attendance and behaviour that it has set itself during the last few years whilst having the vision detailing what we can improve, and ensuring that all staff are providing the best possible standard of teaching for the children. I sit on Strategic development and Finance committees.


Term ends 2/10/2022



Mr P Creek - Local Authority Governor


I currently have one grandchild at school My wife and I are now retired and moved to the area from Gloucestershire some 8 years ago to be closer to our family.

My career was originally in engineering having gained a full five year apprenticeship as a Fitter/ Turner/Machinist gaining a Higher National Diploma in Production Engineering. This led me to work for the MoD for 5 years as a Professional and Technical Officer overseeing the build of the engines for guided weapons manufactured by Rolls Royce at their factory in Filton, Bristol.

In the early 70’s I changed career paths to one of Health and Safety, ultimately working for a multinational Aerospace Company based at Cheltenham where I also became responsible for their Government Security contracts and documentation. For Health and Safety I was responsible for seven sites within the UK, based in Rugby, Newmarket, Basingstoke, Tewkesbury, Croydon and Southampton, with a total of over 5,000 employees, whereas my role in UK Government Security took me to the USA on many occasions giving talks to our US counterparts in Washington on handling classified documentation.

I am proud of the fact that our grandchildren attend an ‘Outstanding’ school and I shall endeavour to help maintain all the great work that has gone on to achieve this standard. Having over 45 years’ experience in industry, I hope to bring a business perspective to the schools aims and objectives. I sit on both Strategic and Finance committees.


Term ends: 17/10/2025




Mr S Jackson - Staff Governor


For eight years I have worked at Orchard and have enjoyed every minute. As a teacher, I have worked from Reception to year six in my career and have first hand knowledge of the different requirements and needs of pupils at all stages of the primary experience.


This school is special and I am very proud of the children and the staff here. There is no other school like it in terms of behaviour, attainment and mutual respect. It is clear from the low staff turnover that the rest of the staff agree.


Due to my experience, as well as my desire to continually improve the school to keep it special, I took no convincing to become a staff governor, where I can share the thoughts and experiences of our amazing staff to continue to give the children here the best opportunities, the most exciting experiences and the chance to unlock their potential as they strive to 'Build a Better Me'. 


Term ends: 30/01/2023


Mrs N French - Parent Governor


I am a parent governor and mummy to two delightful boys, one of who attends Orchard and another that I hope in the fullness of time will be lucky enough to get a place in the school. I was very pleased to be able to part of Orchard Governing body as a parent governor. I have an avid professional and personal interest in Primary Education and I spend a lot of my time engaging with current educational research to ensure that my own practice is evidence based.

I qualified as a teacher in 2009 and have had experience working in four different schools. I am currently a Deputy Head in a large primary school in Derbyshire, where I am responsible for a number of roles including reading, curriculum development and pupil premium. I am passionate about education and ensuring that all children have an excellent start to their school life as that this will enable them to go onto bright futures.  

I am friendly and approachable and hope that during my time as a governor I will be able to support and challenge the school in an ever changing and demanding educational climate.


Term ends 10/02/2023



Mr S Charlesworth - Parent Governor


As a father to 2 children at Orchard it is an honour to be apart of Orchards governing body, with the position of parent governor.

My children are now the 3rd generation to be schooled at Orchard, and the school has always had a reputation as being an outstanding school

I hope to bring a parents view to the strategic running of the school, and to ensure Orchard builds upon the successes it has achieved

I currently sit on the board of a SME manufacturer in Nottinghamshire, and I am educated in management accounting.

I owe my successes to the foundations and values I learnt during my time at Orchard, and I look forward to seeing all pupils at Orchard continue being given their own individual foundations to build into their own success in their futures.


Term ends 4/02/2024


Mrs E Akli- Parent Governor


I have two children at Orchard and I am very pleased to now be apart of the governing body as an elected parent governor.


My professional background is in SEND, working directly on a one to one basis and behind the scenes in management. I have also volunteered in a few primary schools to help parents and pupils better understand the different pathways available when looking to transition from primary school into higher education by holding workshops with surrounding secondary schools.


Orchard is a good school which shows in its pupils, I hope to be able to support pupils, parents and staff with continuing and developing the foundations on which Orchard thrives and give a different perspective from a parents point of view.


Term ends 4/2/2024


Rev Nicola Briggs – Co-opted Governor


As a Methodist Minister I currently serve the communities of Kirkby, Annesley, Selston and Somercotes. I was thrilled to be invited to be a governor of Orchard School have previously served as a Primary School governor for 12 years and a secondary school governor for 2 years in Dorset. This experience hopefully means I can encourage and challenge the school appropriately as a critical friend in terms of children being kept safe and well and progressing to the best of their abilities. In addition, I seek to ensure the wellbeing of our staff is a priority. I serve Orchard on the Pupil and Personnel Committee.


Term ends 25/5/2025